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Ferrules and Chairs

Ferrules provide a metric thread fixing point in precast concrete panels.

Chairs simplify installation, keeping the unit stable during casting. Ancon supplies a range of reliable, footed ferrules which are suitable for a wide range of concrete connections. They are available in thread sizes from M12 to M24 in either zinc plated, hot dip galvanized or stainless steel.

T-Fixx Footed Ferrules (316 Stainless Steel)

The performance of the T-Fixx is higher than a traditional ferrule. The unique head shape provides an improved resistance to pull-out.

QwikFoot Ferrules (Zinc, Galvanised, and Stainless Steel)

These ferrules feature a cross hole to allow them to be tied-in to reinforcement to prevent movement, with some ferrules featuring a 15mm diameter cross hole for N12 bar. Crossbars are not required to develop the full anchor capacity.

Precast Chairs

Qwikfoot ferrules are suitable for use with the following Precast Chairs.

QwikFix Round Ferrule

QwikFix Round Ferrules have a standard 28mm diameter body and are available in an M12, M16 and M20 thread size. They are manufactured from stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance or high strength which is either coated in passivated zinc as standard or hot-dipped galvanised.

QwikFix Double Ended Ferrules

Double ended ferrules provide a fixing point on both faces of the panel. They are manufactured from zinc coated 350 grade alloy steel and available with an M16 or M20 thread size to suit a variety of panel widths.

Super Chairs

QwikFix round ferrules click easily into these Super Chairs.

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