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EdjPro Narrow

The EdjPro Narrow has all the benefits of the established EdjPro system with a narrower anchor and recess for thin panels from 120mm. EdjPro Narrow can lift up to 8 tonnes WLL when used with a 20mm tension bar.

Clockwise from the top: EdjPro Narrow Recess Former (EPNRF10), EdjPro Narrow Clutch (EPNLC10), EdjPro Narrow Anchor - Type 1 (EPNZ08), EdjPro Narrow Anchor - Type 2 (EPNA08)

Narrow Anchor

Two Narrow Anchor types are available to provide the most efficient and economical solution for edge-lifting thin panels, giving maximum anchorage without overstressing the concrete. Both Narrow Anchors are suitable for standard panels and step-joint (shiplap) panels. Featuring a reduced head width of 70mm, the anchors perfect for thin panels. 

EdjPro Narrow Anchor Type 1 (EPNZ08)
EdjPro Narrow Anchor Type 2 (EPNA08)

Narrow Clutch

The clutch is designed to provide clearance between the figure-8 link and the concrete at all sling angles to protect against edge contact cracking. The Narrow Clutch can be used with standard EdjPro 8 tonne anchors when lifting in tension e.g. transport and erection.

Narrow Recess Former

Featuring a slender design, perfect for thin panels, the recess former is used to accurately and reliably set the anchor into the concrete product. Suitable for both anchor types, the recess former creates a gap between the anchor and the concrete, preventing damage from bearing pressure and protecting the fragile panel edge.

EdjPro Narrow Recess Former (EPNRF10)

Safety Guaranteed

  • Anchor code, WLL and batch number are clearly visible when cast into concrete
  • Conforms to WorkSafe NZ Good Practice Guidelines for Safe Work with Precast Concrete (Oct 2018)

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