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Ancon introduces batch testing for BT Coupler System in New Zealand

BT Coupler

Ancon designs and manufactures high integrity steel products which have been successfully deployed on many construction projects in New Zealand, Australia and other countries worldwide.

We have recently identified issues with the performance of some batches of reinforcing steel that have been supplied to us. We have engaged specialist engineering consultancy Holmes Solutions as local technical experts to investigate matters further so that we can ensure our BT Coupler System remains compatible with all types of reinforcing steels currently in use in New Zealand.

While this investigation is ongoing, we have introduced batch testing for all reinforcing steel used in combination with our BT coupler system. While each thread is proof loaded to 100% Yield as part of the standard manufacturing process, additional test samples are being produced from each batch and tested to ensure ductile behaviour occurs in the reinforcement bar outside of the coupler.

MBIE is being kept informed throughout this process by Holmes Solutions.

For more information, please contact Andreas Boomkamp, Technical Manager AUS/NZ, on


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