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Ancon awarded ASSDA Accredited Fabricator Status

Ancon has been awarded Accredited Fabricator status from the Australian Stainless Steel Development Association; a mark of knowledge, experience and quality in stainless steel fabrication.

Stainless steel differs from other materials. It has unique properties and requires specialist knowledge and practices to ensure the material performs as required.

As an ASSDA Accredited Fabricator, Ancon's products and services can now be specified with even greater confidence.

The ASSDA Accreditation Scheme assesses the following areas:

  • experience in quality stainless steel fabrication over many projects
  • detailed knowledge of accurate fabrication techniques, supply chain issues and a range of stainless steel
  • specific procedures
  • appropriate quality systems
  • specialist training for employees in stainless steel and other relevant disciplines

Ancon has a wealth of experience in working with a range of types and grades of stainless steel, and supplies special fabrications to industries such as civil engineering, building, infrastructure, marine, water treatment, nuclear and mining.

For more information please visit the Special Fabrications section.

"Selecting an ASSDA Accredited Fabricator for your job is the best way to get the most accurate information about stainless steel and achieve the most cost effective outcome."


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