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Ancon invests in responsive web technology

Ancon has redeveloped its website to make it fully accessible to the growing number of mobile users now accessing the site via Smartphone, iPad, netbook and similar devices.

The new site is designed to recognise a particular device and automatically resize and alter the typography, and shift to different page layouts, to make it easy to read and navigate at the particular screen size and definition involved.

Ancon’s web users are guaranteed the same high quality experience and content availability every time they visit, whether at work on a desktop, at home on an iPad or on-site via their mobile phone.

The site gives users 24/7 access to Ancon’s market leading range of high integrity steel fixings, which are used for masonry and concrete buildings throughout the education, healthcare, residential and commercial sectors, as well as for major infrastructure projects.

Laura Aston-Bowes of the Ancon Marketing Team said,

“Today’s construction professionals want to use the latest mobile devices to give them access to information when and where they need it. In the last few years, for instance, we have seen mobile phone visits on our website grow from virtually nothing to more than 5% of total site traffic, and this trend is continuing as devices improve.

Unlike some companies, who have opted for a special ‘mobile’ site with truncated content, running alongside their main site, Ancon felt it was important to invest in a method that would give all users the same high quality experience and content regardless of the method of access. Our visitors therefore know what to expect and aren’t frustrated and annoyed when they are unable to access important information when mobile.”

The newly configured site is just one of a range of developments by the 2012 Queen’s Award winning company which underline their commitment to innovation and to finding ever more effective ways of delivering information to meet the changing needs of the industry.

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