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Coronavirus-related Safety Measures

Please be assured that we are taking the COVID-19 outbreak seriously. Part of CRH, the leading building materials business in the world, we are backed by large company resources.

Our primary aims are to protect our employees and the wider community, whilst maintaining service to our customers. To this end, we are implementing a number of measures:

  1. Homeworking for employees where this is possible. This is being trialled in a number of departments and will be rolled out more extensively as necessary. This will ensure that those who need to isolate or look after those that do, do not need to travel into our locations.

  2. Use of Tele/Video Conferencing communication technology. This technology is proving very effective to ensure on-going collaboration with both our employees at home and customers.

  3. Split working patterns within the factories and offices, where homeworking is not practical or possible. This will ensure that we minimise the number of people using our facilities at any one time, thereby limiting contact. We are also strictly observing the two metre rule throughout our locations and restricting access to our sites by visitors.

  4. Provide access to sanitiser and other cleaning products throughout our locations and ensure ample stocks are maintained. We have also issued local government department of health guidance to all staff on hand-washing and have increased our cleaning rotas to ensure high standards of hygiene throughout.

  5. Stopped all, but essential, travel. This includes all International travel and we are complying with all local Government and CRH company guidance as it evolves. Should you need one of our employees to visit you, this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and can only occur if deemed essential and safe to do so.

To give you added reassurance in our ability to continue to supply in this climate, we operate from a number of manufacturing sites across Australia, New Zealand and UK/Europe, and as a CRH company, have access to a wide network of CRH sister companies and their facilities, should that be necessary.

Regarding our supply chain, we have no supply issues for our main raw materials and are in regular contact with our key suppliers to monitor this situation.

Inevitably, there may be some disruption to our normal high levels of customer service until we all adjust to the new ways of working. Despite these being unprecedented times, we will do our very best to support you as always.

Please continue to use our normal email and telephone contact details unless you are advised otherwise.

Jon Bond, Managing Director ANZ

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