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Lindapter Hollo-Bolt, now with full ICC-ES Seismic Approval (A to F)

The Lindapter Hollo-Bolt is the original expansion bolt for structural steel, requiring access from one side only to quickly connect steel sections to pre-drilled Structural Hollow Section (SHS). Hollo-Bolts are a faster alternative to welding or through-bolting, reducing construction time and labour costs.

It is approved by ICC-ES (ESR-3330) to the International Building Code (2009 and 2012) for use in resisting wind and seismic loads in seismic design categories (SDC) A through F as defined in ASCE 7.

Following an extensive testing programme undertaken by an independent ISO 17025 accredited test laboratory, Lindapter has Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) figures available for all sizes of Hollo-Bolt for static, SDC A, B and C, and SDC D, E and F.

These are suitable when designing connections in tensile and shear to the ‘AISC Steel Construction Manual’, NZS 3404 and AS 4100 are shown in the table below. These figures apply to Hollo-Bolts in sleeves lengths 1-3 in hot dip galvanised finish only.

Allowable Loading
Static and SDC A, B & C only

Allowable Loading
SDC D, E and F
  LRFD Method LRFD Method
 Product codeTensile kNShear kNTensile kNShear kN
 HB08   17   14  15  12
 HB10  27  24  24   20
 HB12   38  33  33  28
 HB16   62  52  59  44
 HB20  89  82  86  68

The values shown have been taken from ESR-3330 and converted from imperial to metric. They are valid for the Hollo-Bolt assembly itself, in any connection detail the design resistance of the connection may be limited to a lesser value. When the thickness of the connected component is small for example, pull out failure may occur before the failure of the Hollo-Bolt. Design checks should be carried out to determine the static design resistance.

You can download the full ESR-3330 report here.

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