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UniLift and DEHA Lifting Clutches Superior Safety and Lifting Performance

Ancon is pleased to announce the recent extension of its lifting clutch range. The UniLift Locking Klaw, recognised locally for its superior safety features which protect against unwanted disconnection, has now been joined by the DEHA universal lifting clutch from Halfen, the world’s most recognised lifting system brand.

UniLift Locking Klaw

Together, the clutches provide the ideal lifting and handling system for a wide variety of precast concrete products, particularly in civil engineering applications. These clutches are typically used for lifting panels, pipes, pits, manholes, box culverts, road barriers, bridge beams, planks, sound walls, culverts etc. They allow for fast, safe, efficient handling of precast products and meet the requirements of New Zealand Approved Code of Practice for the Safe Handling, Transportation and Erection of Precast Concrete.


DEHA Universal Lifting Clutch

The UniLift Locking Klaw is suitable for working load limits up to 20T. The Halfen DEHA universal lifting clutch extends the working load limit of the Ancon range up to 32T. For more details please download the leaflet available.

These strong, safe, lightweight clutches are compatible with all spherical head lifting anchors. Please contact your local Ancon branch for more details.

Ancon is part of the Construction Accessories division of CRH plc, an international building materials group with operations in over 35 countries and 80,000 employees.

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