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EdjPro Narrow Precast Concrete Panel Lifting System

EdjPro Narrow Anchors

Innovative Edge-Lifting Systems for Factory-Cast Panels

Like the original EdjPro system, the new EdjPro Narrow is ideal for lifting thin factory cast panels where a high finish is required, typically visible and exterior walls. Unique to the EdjPro Narrow system, however, are its narrower anchors and recess for thin panels from 120mm. EdjPro Narrow can lift up to 8 tonnes WLL when used with a 20mm tension bar.

EdjPro Narrow Product Range

✓ All the benefits of the original EdjPro lifting system with smaller recess and anchors
✓ Suitable for panel thicknesses from 120mm
✓ Ideal for thin panels with step-joint edges
✓ Two anchor designs available

✓ Up to 8 tonnes WLL when used with a 20mm tension bar

✓ Universal recess former and clutch
✓ Narrow Clutch may be used with standard EdjPro 8 anchors when lifting in tension e.g. transport and erection

✓ Anchor code, WLL and batch number clearly visible when cast into concrete
✓ Complies with the requirements of NZ ACOP: 2002