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Halfen Anchor Channel

Halfen Anchor Channels

Anything else is just a 'Channel'

Halfen Anchor Channels provide safety, reliability and efficiency. They are recognised and trusted worldwide. Ancon is the exclusive distributor of Halfen Anchor Channels in New Zealand. 

Why choose Halfen Anchor Channels?

  • Accelerate construction - Concrete connections are made rapidly, using a torque wrench only. No on-site welding or drilling required.
  • Maximum safety and reliability - Safely used in the tension zone of concrete and will not work loose over time.
  • Reduced design risk - Load tables available for standard conditions. Full engineering support provided for non-standard situations.
  • High buildability - Accommodate the large tolerances associated with concrete construction.
  • Mechanical load transmission - Interlocking teeth on channel and T-bolt provide positive transmission of loads in all three planes, including the longitudinal direction.