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Lindapter cavity fixings provide a simple, cost-effective solution when fixing to rectangular or circular hollow section steel, or to steelwork where access is available from one side only. They are ideal to use with any steel structures and eliminate the requirement for using unsightly welding or strapping.

When using Lindapter cavity fixings, installation time and costs are reduced, as they are easy to install without specialist skills, equipment or on-site power.

Type HB - Hollo-Bolt

The Lindapter Hollo-Bolt is a patented method of securing to square, rectangular or circular hollow section steel, or to conventional steelwork where access is available from one side only.

The Hollo-Bolt offers a tremendous reduction in installation time and costs over traditional methods, as well as giving the specifier absolute confidence through guaranteed loads with a built in factor of safety.

The larger Hollo-Bolt sizes, M16 & M20 are optimised for structural connections and feature a patented High Clamping Force (HCF) mechanism to produce three times more clamping force than the same sized product without the mechanism. The significance of increased clamping force is illustrated in the video below:


Awarded the Design Council's Millennium Products status for innovation in connecting to hollow section, the Hollo-Bolt also has third party endorsements from Corus and the UK's Steel Construction Institute.

Typical Hollo-Bolt Applications

Typical Hollo-Bolt applications include the connection and suspension of:

  • Primary Connections
  • Secondary Connections
  • Bridges
  • Cladding
  • Balconies
  • Tower and Masts
  • Staircases and Handrails
  • Glazing and Roofs
  • Modular Buildings




For aggressive environments, the Hollo-Bolt comes with JS500 or HDG protection as standard. For more aggressive environments Sheraplex and Stainless Steel are available.

Head Variations

A variety of finishes and colours are available.

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