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Bracket Angle Support

Bracket Angle Support

Ancon MDC is a continuous shelf angle which can carry over 8 metres of masonry and accommodate any width of cavity from 40mm in its standard form. Brackets are welded to the angle and the material content of both components is optimised to ensure the most economic solution is designed.

There are several variations of the standard MDC System that allow the shelf angle to be positioned anywhere from the top of the bracket to a position below the bottom of the bracket.


Standard configuration








MDC/P has the bracket projecting below the structure









MDC/R has a reversed angle







MDC/I is an inverted system with the angle at the top of the bracket





MDC with Stirrups

Soldier courses can be suspended from MDC systems by using stirrups at 225mm centres. The stirrups fit over the angle and stitching rods span between the stirrups, supporting cored or holed bricks.

We can provide drawings showing the location of the fixings (cast-in channels for concrete frames, bolt positions for steel frames). Bracket angle units will be referenced and scheduled and all details submitted for approval before manufacture.






MDC with 36/8 Channel and Hangers Supporting a Soldier Course









MDC with Closer Plate Welded to Underside

The Ancon MDC system can be supplied with extra components to suit the application e.g. closer plates.





MDC with Expanded Metal Welded to Underside

The Ancon MDC system can be supplied with extra components to suit the application e.g. expanded metal.





Details for Specification and Ordering

Ancon MDC Systems are tailored to suit each contract, and are based on the cavity size at the support and the masonry load to be carried. We will design an economical configuration of channel, bracket and angle.

Specification is as follows:

MDC/type/cavity/masonry load

e.g. MDC / R / 50 / 6.6

We will design a system with a reversed angle to suit a 50mm cavity and carry 6.6 kN/metre run of masonry.

Some applications demand that the support leg is below the soffit of the structure. Where this is no more than 150mm, this can be specified as a suffix to the standard reference by . . . . . . P projection.

MDC/cavity/masonry load/projection

e.g. MDC / 50 / 6.6 / P 75

We will design a standard system to suit a 50mm cavity, carry 6.6kN/m, with a bracket projection of 75mm.

AnconOptima Non-Welded Bracket System

Unlike welded systems, the brackets and angles of an AnconOptima system are supplied as separate components. This provides greater flexibility in the final fixing position of the brackets - ideal for post-tensioned concrete. Contact us for more information.

AnconOptima Components

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Shelf angle systems provides flexible, cost-effective design solutions for the support of masonry cladding and are designed to suit specific applications, taking into account loading, fixings position and cavity width.