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Halfen Detan-D Tension Systems

Halfen Detan-D Tension Systems

The Halfen Detan-D is a high performance tension system. It is available in various diameters from 8mm to 42mm in stainless steel.

All components of the system can be supplied in a variety of finishes to provide corrosion resistance and to meet the demanding aesthetic requirements of many architectural applications. The bar used in this system has a minimum yield of 460N/mm².

Halfen Detan-D System - Stainless Steel

Thread Size 8 10 12 16 20 24 30 36 42
Load Capacity Ft,R,d (kN) 17.1 27.1 39.4 73.3 114.6 165.0 262.4 382.2 524.6

Surface finish is usually an important factor in applications using stainless steel. Halfen Detan-D bars are bright drawn as standard but can be hand polished if required. The stainless steel forks and locking nuts can be supplied electro-polished, satin-polished or hand polished.

Isolation System

Isolation material is supplied as standard with the stainless steel system to enable its fixing to a connecting plate of a dissimilar metal. Each stainless steel fork connector is supplied with two clear, self-adhesive, PET (polyester) washers to be applied around the fixing hole either side of the structure. Stainless steel pins feature a PTFE coating around the barrel.

For more information on this system, download the brochure below or click here.

Latest News

Ancon 500 Tension System renamed to Halfen Detan-D

As a future-oriented, innovative company, Leviat focuses on the ever-changing requirements of the industry, and our latest development combines the portfolio of Ancon and Halfen Tension Systems to ensure we meet the individual requirements of our customers.

ICC-ES Appraisal Report Issued to Leviat

We are excited to announce the ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) has issued the first appraisal report in New Zealand to Leviat for Halfen HZA Anchor Channels and HZS Channel Bolts.