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Masonry Reinforcement

Masonry Reinforcement

Ancon AMR is used to improve the structural performance of masonry walls by providing additional resistance to lateral loads e.g. wind. It can also be used to reduce the risk of cracking either at stress concentrations around openings or as a result of movement.

Available in various standard configurations, the Ancon AMR suits a wide range of structural load conditions and wall widths.

The longitudinal wires have a minimum characteristic yield strength of 500MPa.

Wire Diameters

3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0mm (equivalent wire diameter after flattening)


60, 100, 150, 175mm

For use in wall widths from 100mm to 215mm

Applications & Product Width

Brick/Block ThicknessAMR Width
100mm - 125mm  60mm
140mm - 150mm 100mm
190mm - 200mm 150mm
215mm 175mm


Austenitic stainless steel (ref. S)

Galvanised steel (ref. G)

Stainless steel provides the user with the greatest corrosion resistance and life-cycle costing benefits, and is suitable for use in any application. Galvanised steel is not suitable for use in the external leaf of a cavity wall.


Ancon AMR is manufactured in standard lengths of 2700mm.

Product Identification

Each length of AMR is marked with a product reference.

Product Code / Material Code / Wire (mm) / Width (mm)

e.g. AMR/S/D3.0/W60

AMR/Stainless Steel/3.0mm Wire Diameter (after flattening)/60mm Width


Prefabricated corner units can be manufactured to provide true continuity of reinforcement. Alternatively, Ancon AMR can be cut and bent on site.

Now available: Ancon AMR-X Masonry Reinforcement. Shaped cross-wires ensure the longitudinal wires are located in the centre of a bed joint and are completely surrounded by mortar. Contact us for more information.

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