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2016 NZ Bridges Summit, 1st-2nd November, Auckland

The NZ Concrete Industry Conference

Ancon is exhibiting at the 2016 NZ Bridges Summit on 1st - 2nd November. The conference is endorsed by the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) and is scheduled to be held at the Pullman Hotel, Auckland. We will be showcasing our BT range of threaded reinforcement couplers, our MBT range of bolted couplers and various Lifting Systems including our brand new EdjPro Narrow Anchor system.

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EdjPro Narrow Anchor System

The EdjPro Narrow Anchor system is designed for use with thin precast panels from 100mm wide and is available in two shapes.

The EdjPro system was specifically developed to eliminate cracking and spalling around edge anchors. It is ideal for lifting thin factory cast panels where a high finish is required, typically visible and exterior walls. Use of the EdjPro system will ensure panels remain in their perfect factory-cast condition, avoiding remedial work and lowering overall costs.

EdjPro Narrow Anchor System

LinkPro System

LinkPro is a range of fibre-cored/steel-cored lifting loops to facilitate the safe and efficient handling of precast and prestressed reinforced concrete units, including bridge and shell beams.

BT and MBT Reinforcement Couplers

BT parallel threaded couplers are suited to projects which require high volumes of couplers. They produce a full strength joint and yet are one of the smallest couplers in the Ancon range. The ends of the bars to be joined are cut square and enlarged by cold forging to increase their core diameter and so ensure that the joint is stronger than the bar. The couplers are usually supplied attached to the reinforcing bar.

MBT couplers require neither bar end preparation to form threads nor bar rotation to effect installation. The bars are supported within the coupler on two serrated saddles and a line of lockshear bolts, when tightened, embed into the bars.

BT Coupler

BT Coupler

MBT Coupler

MBT Coupler

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