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MBT Couplers

MBT Couplers

The MBT range of couplers provides a cost-effective method of joining reinforcing bars, particularly when the fixed bar is already in place and there is insufficient space for a hydraulic swaging press.

They are easy to install as neither bar end preparation to form threads, nor bar rotation are required. MBT couplers can also be used to join imperial, plain round or deformed reinforcing bars.

The bars are supported within the coupler or anchor on two serrated saddles. Bars are locked in place by a series of special lockshear bolts, the heads of which shear off when the predetermined tightening torque is reached, providing a visual check of correct installation.

Testing & Approvals

Full destructive tests are carried out on selected couplers from our stocks.

Testing conducted in New Zealand using grade E, micro-alloyed reinforcing bar demonstrates that connections using MBT couplers, in common 12-20mm sizes, exceed the tensile strength of the reinforcement bar. MBT in these sizes comply with NZS3101:2006 A3 and NZTA Bridge Manual requirements for seismicity, slip and resistance to brittle fracture. Contact Ancon to request a copy of the full New Zealand testing details.

Connections, with sizes 25mm to 40mm MBT couplers, provide a minimum tensile strength close to the tensile strength of the reinforcement bar.

MBT couplers have also been tested to show compliance with the following international design codes:- ACI 318 and BS8597.

MBT ET Series

MBT ET series couplers are used to connect reinforcing bars of the same diameter. They can be used when neither bar can be rotated and are available in sizes 12mm to 50mm.

Bar Diameter 12 16 20 25 32 40
Product Code MBT12C MBT16C MBT20C MBT25C MBT32C MBT40C

MBT couplers for 50mm reinforcement bars are also available. Contact Ancon for details.

Transition Series

MBT Transition couplers connect reinforcing bars of different diameters and are suitable for applications when neither bar can be rotated. They are available to suit bar sizes 12mm to 40mm.

Bar Diameter 20/12 20/16 25/16 25/20 32/20 32/25 40/32
Product Code MBT20/12C MBT20/16C MBT25/16C MBT25/20C MBT32/20C MBT32/25C MBT40/32C

This product is not stocked in New Zealand, please enquire for lead times. Contact Ancon for details.

MBT Headed Anchors

MBT Headed Anchors provide dead end embedment in concrete and can remove the need for hooked bars and thereby reduce congestion.

Bar Diameter  12 16 20 25 32 40

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