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RT KSN Anchors

RT KSN Anchors

Ancon RT KSN Anchors, in combination with RT parallel-threaded reinforcing bars, simplify concrete slab-to-wall construction joints when compared to traditional methods.

This quicker, easier and above all, safer operation, eliminates the need for on-site bar straightening and the drilling of formwork or concrete. The system replaces cogged or hooked bar ends, thereby simplifying bar scheduling and minimising congestion in the wall.

KSN Threaded Anchor Dimensions

Anchor Ref. Anchor Length mm Nominal External Diameter mm Metric Thread mm Nominal Head Width mm Nominal Head A/F mm
RTKSN12S 115 22 M13x1.75 46 40
RTKSN12M 150 22 M13x1.75 46 40
RTKSN16S 130 28 M17x2.5 61 53
RTKSN16M 160 28 M17x2.5 61 53
RTKSN16L 190 28 M17x2.5 61 53
RTKSN20S 150 32 M21x2.5 75 65
RTKSN20M 190 32 M21x2.5 75 65
RTKSN20L 230 32 M21x2.5 75 65

For information on anchor capacity please click here.

Latest News

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As a future-oriented, innovative company, Leviat focuses on the ever-changing requirements of the industry, and our latest development combines the portfolio of Ancon and Halfen Tension Systems to ensure we meet the individual requirements of our customers.

ICC-ES Appraisal Report Issued to Leviat

We are excited to announce the ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) has issued the first appraisal report in New Zealand to Leviat for Halfen HZA Anchor Channels and HZS Channel Bolts.