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Reinforcing Bar Couplers

Coupler Selection

The information in the chart below can be used to assist with the identification of the most appropriate coupler. For more detailed information please select a range from the menu.

Please note, this section is subject to change and you are advised to contact your local sales office to discuss any project-specific requirements.

RT Couplers

Type Standard Coupler Headed Anchor KSN Anchor
Bar Dia. mm 12-40 12-40 12-20
Bar End Prep Threaded Threaded Threaded
Assembly Tool Wrench Wrench Wrench
Product Code RT12-40 RTHA12-40 RTKSN12-20 S/M/L

MBT Couplers

Type Coupler Transition Headed Anchor
Bar Dia. mm 12-40 12-40 12-40
Bar End Prep No No No
Assembly Tool Wrench or *Nut Runner
Product Code MBT12C-MBT40C MBT20/12C-MBT40/32C MBTHA12H-MBTHA40H

*Although larger 25-40mm sizes can be tightened using a hand ratchet wrench, we recommend the use of an electric or pneumatic wrench designed to deliver a steady tightening force to the bolts.

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