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Halfen Anchor Channel

HALFEN Anchor Channels

HALFEN Anchor Channels

Halfen Anchor Channels are available in different load classes and finishes. When fixing to concrete, they provide almost unlimited adjustment along the line of the channel and can eliminate expensive site drilling. Cast-in fixings do not generate expansive forces in the concrete and can be used at close centres and closer to edges than expansion fixings.

HALFEN HZA Toothed Anchor Channels

HALFEN HZA Toothed Anchor Channels

Halfen HZA Toothed Anchor Channels

Halfen HZA Toothed Anchor Channels can be used for applications that require load transfer in all directions including the direction parallel to the channel axis.

The profiles HZA 38/23, HZA 41/27, and HZA 53/34 hold an Appraisal Report from the International Code Council Evaluation Service ICC-ES for applications in seismic conditions. Halfen HZA Toothed Anchor Channels are suitable for dynamic loads.

To download the latest New Zealand Halfen HZA Anchor Channels brochure please click here.

To download the latest version of the Halfen HZA design software, please click here.

For technical enquiries on Anchor Channels please contact us.

HALFEN HTA Anchor Channels

HALFEN HTA Anchor Channels

Halfen HTA Anchor Channels

The Halfen product range also includes Halfen HTA Anchor Channels which hold a report by the ICC-ESR and a European Technical Assessment (ETA) from the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt).

These third-party approval systems are highly regarded in the construction industry worldwide as a means to demonstrate compliance. Halfen HTA Anchor Channels work in conjunction with Halfen HS T-bolts to take over tension loads and shear loads perpendicular to the longitudinal channel axis. Hot-rolled Halfen HTA Anchor Channel profiles are suitable for dynamic loads.

To download the latest version of the Halfen HTA design software including the Australian calculation core, please click here.

HALFEN HTA and HZA Curved Anchor Channels

Curved HALFEN Anchor Channels are available for installation in curved surfaces e.g. tunnels. Curved channels can be manufactured as individual segments or, if requested, as complete rings to specification.

For more information please contact us.

More product information is available in the HALFEN Channel literature below.

Latest News

Ancon 500 Tension System renamed to Halfen Detan-D

As a future-oriented, innovative company, Leviat focuses on the ever-changing requirements of the industry, and our latest development combines the portfolio of Ancon and Halfen Tension Systems to ensure we meet the individual requirements of our customers.

ICC-ES Appraisal Report Issued to Leviat

We are excited to announce the ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) has issued the first appraisal report in New Zealand to Leviat for Halfen HZA Anchor Channels and HZS Channel Bolts.