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Shear Load Connectors

DSD/DSDQ Shear Load Connectors

The two part design of all Ancon shear connectors removes the need for drilling formwork on site, supporting dowel bars and fitting debonding sleeves and end caps. The installation is a fast and accurate process.

Nail the sleeve component to the shuttering ensuring that the sleeve is correctly orientated for the direction of the load. Check minimum spacings and edge distances are not exceeded. The label prevents debris from entering into the sleeve and should not be removed at this stage.

Fix the local reinforcement around ensuring that the correct cover to the reinforcement is maintained. Pour the concrete to complete the installation of the sleeve component.

When the concrete has achieved sufficient strength, strike the shuttering. Peel off or puncture the label to reveal the holes for the dowels. Where 'Q' versions are being used, the label should only be punctured enough to allow the dowels into the cylindrical sleeve to prevent debris entering the box section.

Position compressible joint filler of the appropriate width, for applications where movement is expected between the two sections of concrete.

Push the dowel component through the joint filler until it is fully located in the sleeve component. It may be necessary to tap the dowel component to overcome the dimple that pinch holds the dowel in the sleeve and prevents dislocation when the concrete is vibrated.

Fix the local reinforcement in position around the dowel component together with any other reinforcement that is required, ensuring that the correct cover to the reinforcement is maintained. Pour the concrete to complete the installation of the shear connector.


Although installation is shown for the Ancon DSD, the procedure is the same for all Ancon shear connectors.

Where deep concrete pours are proposed, the installation will require further consideration. More robust fixing of the sleeve and dowel components will be necessary, to avoid displacement during placing of the concrete.

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