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Shear Load Connectors

Range of Shear Connectors

Our range of Ancon shear connectors offers significant advantages over conventional single dowels. These Shear Connectors are more effective at transferring load, simpler to install and ensure the necessary alignment required for movement.

Solutions for:
Suspended Slabs
Post-Tensioned Concrete Frames

Solutions for Suspended Slabs

Ancon DSD
The DSD is the original two-part, double dowel, shear load connector. The dowel component can move longitudinally within the sleeve to accommodate movement. The connector is available in ten standard sizes and can transfer loads from around 20kN to over 950kN. The larger connectors can be used in joints up to 60mm wide

Ancon DSDQ
The DSDQ shear load connector uses the same dowel component as the Ancon DSD, but the cylindrical sleeve is contained within a rectangular box section to allow lateral movement in addition to the longitudinal movement. Nine standard sizes can be used to transfer loads from around 30kN to over 950kN.

Building Information Modelling
For BIM Objects of the DSD/DSDQ, please click here

Ancon ESD
The ESD is a single dowel shear connector and is available in four sizes. Ancon ESD shear connectors are used where the slab or wall is too thin for Ancon DSD, and where loads are small.

Ancon ESDQ
The ESDQ shear load connector uses the same dowel as the Ancon ESD, but the cylindrical sleeve is contained within a rectangular box section to allow lateral movement or rotation in addition to longitudinal movement.

Ancon ED
The ED is a low cost dowel connector for use in floor slabs where alignment is important but loads are small. The single dowel shear connector is available in four sizes with each size available in two lengths. The sleeve component is made from a durable plastic and features an integral nail plate. The dowel component is Duplex stainless steel.



Ancon Staisil-HLD Acoustic Dowel
The Ancon Staisil-HLD Acoustic Dowel is designed to reduce the oscillation of impact sound through a building by isolating concrete components, such as stair landings from the main structural frame. The 22mm diameter stainless steel dowel bar is located in a sound absorbing sleeve.

NZ Patent No. 583887

Solutions for Post-Tensioned Concrete Frames

ESDQ-L20 Lockable Dowel
The ESDQ-L20 Lockable Dowel allows initial movement to take place and then, after a predetermined time period (generally 90-120 days), is locked with a two-part epoxy resin poured into the L-shaped grout box.

NZ Patent No. 583887

Ancon HLDQ-L30 Lockable Dowel
The HLDQ-L30 is a high load Lockable Dowel with a design capacity of up to 136kN.

NZ Patent No. 583887

Ancon ESDQ-L20W Lockable Dowel
The dowel component is manufactured from 30mm diameter Duplex stainless steel, but is shorter than the ESDQ-L20 dowel. One end of the dowel is designed to fix into the stainless steel Ancon SKS24 Threaded Anchor cast into the face of the concrete, and the other end features a series of grooves to accept the Locking Plate. The sleeve component is the same as used in the ESDQ-L20.

Building Information Modelling
For BIM Objects of the Lockable Dowel range, please click here

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