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Resin Anchors

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Resin Anchors (all DXF/DWG CAD files) (ZIP - 220 KB)
RA M08 13-110 Bolt (DWG - 38.9 KB)
RA M10 20-130 Bolt (DWG - 39.1 KB)
RA M12 25-160 Bolt (DWG - 39 KB)
RA M16 35-190 Bolt (DWG - 39 KB)
RA M20 65 260 Bolt (DWG - 39.3 KB)
RA M08 13-110 Bolt (DXF - 184 KB)
RA M10 20-130 Bolt (DXF - 185 KB)
RA M12 25-160 Bolt (DXF - 184 KB)
RA M16 35-190 Bolt (DXF - 184 KB)
RA M20 65-260 Bolt (DXF - 185 KB)

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