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Installation Guides

Helifix Installation Details

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Brickwork Support
MDC (PDF - 655 KB)
Windposts (PDF - 343 KB)
Lintels (PDF - 312 KB)
Individual Bracket Support Systems (PDF - 363 KB)
Accommodating Cavity Variations (PDF - 1.13 MB)
Channel & Bolts
Cast-in Channels (PDF - 505 KB)
Bolt Fixings (PDF - 408 KB)
Steelgrip (PDF - 308 KB)
Wall Ties & Restraint Fixings
Sliding Anchors (PDF - 368 KB)
Internal Head Restraints (PDF - 627 KB)
FHR Internal Head Restraints (PDF - 335 KB)
MM63 Remedial Ties (PDF - 500 KB)
RM63 Remedial Ties (PDF - 533 KB)
RR Remedial Ties (PDF - 324 KB)
Tension Systems
Tension Systems (PDF - 765 KB)
Couplers & Anchors
RT Couplers (PDF - 1.39 MB)
Shear Load Connectors
DSD/DSDQ Shear Load Connectors (PDF - 569 KB)
Lockable Dowels (PDF - 1.17 MB)
Lockable Dowel Pourable Epoxy System Information (PDF - 742 KB)
Precast Concrete Accessories
Rigging Guide (PDF - 2.04 MB)
Installation CA and RA Anchors (PDF - 2.12 MB)
QwikFoot Threaded Inserts (PDF - 827 KB)
QwikFix Threaded Inserts (PDF - 645 KB)
All Installation Guides
All Installation Guides (PDF - 12.1 MB)

Latest News

Building with Bricks? Count on our support...

Shelf angle systems provides flexible, cost-effective design solutions for the support of masonry cladding and are designed to suit specific applications, taking into account loading, fixings position and cavity width.

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