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Tension Disc

Tension Disc (all DXF/DWG CAD files) (ZIP - 172 KB)
tension disc8 (DWG - 37.9 KB)
tension disc10 (DWG - 37.9 KB)
tension disc12 (DWG - 37.9 KB)
tension disc16 (DWG - 41 KB)
tension disc20 (DWG - 37.9 KB)
tension disc24 (DWG - 41.4 KB)
tension disc30 (DWG - 37.9 KB)
tension disc36 (DWG - 37.9 KB)
tension disc42 (DWG - 37.9 KB)
tension disc6 (DXF - 37.9 KB)
tension disc8 (DXF - 37.4 KB)
tension disc10 (DXF - 37.4 KB)
tension disc12 (DXF - 37.4 KB)
tension disc16 (DXF - 180 KB)
tension disc20 (DXF - 37.4 KB)
tension disc24 (DXF - 180 KB)
tension disc30 (DXF - 37.5 KB)
tension disc36 (DXF - 37.5 KB)
tension disc42 (DXF - 37.5 KB)

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